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Jan 22, 2019
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I worked at a company that was sold for over fifty million dollars to a competitor . The sale was finalised on a Tuesday, and Thursday they announced they were shutting it down! Yea they paid over fifty million for a plant just to shut it down! So will another powder company buy Goex?
Was the company sold and subsequently shut down a competing company in some way to the purchaser? From a business sense, I get that. And $50mil isn't much in the grand scheme of things for a large company, especially a multi national.

Dupont didn't Cranberries it down with intent of selling the facility, but turning that facility into income makes more sense they letting it decay and become a different kind of liability.

Does anyone even know for certain if Dupont would sell the facility or at least the machinery and recipes?


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Feb 28, 2005
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It's not uncommon for companies to be bought and then sold off piece meal. The intent is to profit of course. Always seemed like a crap shoot to me.

Maybe Dumont just wants the mills??

N.Y. Yankee

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Feb 27, 2013
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"I don't agree with your saying there is no cross between inline shooters and traditional black powder shooters. There are some who have done both. I started out with percussion muzzleloaders, then I went to an inline. While I liked my inline rifle I went back to traditional guns because I like them best. I now have 2 flintlocks in my collection too."

The point was about Goex BP vs. Pyrodex pellets in inlines. The two worlds dont interchange. Not "I own and shoot both rifles".


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Nov 5, 2005
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I’m trying to understand “I don’t think soon is not the operative word etc”. Do we need a lesson in sentence construction?
Not really. I’m pretty good at sentence construction. The word “ not “ doesn’t belong there. I rewrote the sentence a couple of times and got distracted and posted before I could proofread it. I caught the mistake about 3 days later when it was too late to edit.
Nov 3, 2018
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New Mexico/Florida
I believe Goex will be bought soon- too much name recognition to be let
sit idle. However, it will likely be a firm like Wano of Germany or a
Brazillian company. The liabilities would be lessened if the manufacturing
was done outside the U.S. and packaged here. It is unlikely that the
physical plant will bring any Bank. The Brand has the value.
Black powder for sporting use is a small but faithful market. We will
also have to see what, if any, regulations on powder the Dems advance.
I think that the "Controllers" will plow around antique black powder guns,
because they are the exact original items to which the 2nd Amendment
literally, applies to. Courts might rule differently where BP muzzleloaders
are facing infringements vs high cap mag ARs.


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Jul 22, 2004
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If Pyrodex pellets have any real BP in them, it's news to me. They require, REQUIRE 209 shotgun primers to work, and they do work.

I dont think Goex(or any real BP brand) to be "competition" for the substitutes. Just like my sidelocks have never had Pyrodex or 777 poured down their barrels, my inline has never had real BP. While I rarely use my inline(hasn't been shot in 2 years) it was designed to use the substitutes, and I feel they are better in inlines. I use three 50gr pyrodex pellets. I dont think any inline hunters (which is about all they're used for) CARE to change.
One end of the pellet is darker than the rest of the pellet. That’s the black power

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