Moose Hunting in MAINE.

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Aug 18, 2021
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The Moose Hunting Tag in Maine is done by Lottery, You Buy a ticket or multiple tickets if your a non resident and wait to get picked. I dont know how some people get picked every year or two, there are some familys where all the Aunts, Unckles, Nieces and Nephues all get picked and they get 5 or 6 Moose in a year. The "Rules" State that if you get a Moose Tag, you have to wait 2 years before being eligable to get picked for another Moose Tag. however in order to keep your "Points" for applications you must buy a ticket every year. they have a Disabled Veteran Moose Harvest on the Broccoli farms where Fish & Game claims they will give out 24 or more Tags to Disabled Veterans. it is in the Aroostock County where you can use ATVs and must o with a Volunteer Maine Guide. I have been putting in for that for the past few years, have not been picked as Fish & Game has only issued 6 Tags to Disabled Veterans. Dont bother ask where the other Tags went as you wont get an answer. I could put in for the Lottery in zone #4 for 2022. Both for the Regular Moose hunt and the new Adaptive Hunt in the North Maine Woods area. would need group of Guys that are not as disabled as myself to help. Only the Primary tag holder and an Alternate may actually shoot the Moose, But there is a lot of Meat to go around. also there are Partridge and Black Bears and Really Big Whitetail Deer in the same area. would be fun to get some with the Muzzloaders! [email protected] the Muzzloaders!
NMW-Outline-in-Maine-cropped.png Adaptive Unit Moose Hunt Packet_7_21_21.pdf Email me [email protected] Adaptive Unit Moose Hunt Packet_7_21_21.pdf Email me
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Apr 12, 2004
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Ames a friend down near Union (the friend, not the moose) got a moose quite a number of years back. If they hadn't had access with a tractor with a front end loader it would still be in the woods.

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