Model 1816 Contract Musket by M.T.Wickham

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Nov 6, 2020
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Lancaster County, PA
I have that musket as byproduct of purchasing an auction lot. I did not particularly want it. I was chasing another gun in the same lot. Brought it home and forgot about it for a few years.
It is in need of cleaning and cosmetic restoration. But the lock seems to function well and what I can see of the bore seems sound. The forward sling swivel is broken, but might be welded? Both swivels are frozen. The finish of the barrel seems to be rust browning. Hard to know if the wood has shrunk a little or if the original fitting of the buttplate was sloppy. I( have read that it is .69 caliber and that seems about right. The tang screw is not original.
Wondering what to do with it. What a restoration might cost and who would do it? Or if a reenactor would find it a useful blank gun? Prices for them in good order seem to vary widely.
Would appreciate your thoughts, comments. Thanks.


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Feb 6, 2022
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I'll give you price of shipping and tree-fitty since you don't know what to do with it haha. (Joking)

I'd clean it thoroughly and leave it as is. Reminder, 1816 muskets were made to be (semi) interchangeable and as such wood to metal fit may not be perfect. Stocks also shrink with time as they are effectively sanded down by our hands, compressed by the atmosphere, and degraded by oils.

These may not be worth a ton now, but they'll be worth more and more as time goes on. They aren't making these original muskets anymore, the guys who made them are currently preoccupied 6 foot under. I'd preserve this piece rather than "restore" it.

Going rate for these seems to be $1500-5000 depending on condition. This one I could see selling for $2,000.