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Middle Eastern muzzleloaders??

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Feb 28, 2019
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I have a Moroccan rifle it was made to use up presumably surplus 1853? Springfield's and percussion but in the US it got robbed of the barrel or rather bolster & lock & the stock throw n in the rubbish pile of John Hakes at a F Ship shoot but it looked worthy of restoration to me (All a matter of taste you appreciate ) John had a Belgium flint lock of quite crude standard but evidently made to put Springfield's to flint & took little trouble for me to fit it up to mate with a Springfield barrel robbed of its breach end. So I put it to flint and extended the fore stock & added umpteen brass barrel bands & a rammer & took it hunting with my assistant Mr Banjo Beagle Esq in the local mountains after deer or pigs . He got me onto a small mob of pigs after being dragged through the trees after Banjo. But on reaching he was evidently cautius about getting into the mob so I put a ball in one . to resolve the scene . Which is hardly a great feat, but I did learn that such a fishtailed affair would work in the forests . I did try Minies & a cureius Egg idea of a bullet but the bore isn't up to much I often took archaic guns hunting & found even the snap matchlock could be a perfectly servicable hunting gun. (These Supporatory guns will never catch on .Hole in the back quite unsound in my view , Regards Rudyard