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SOLD Map Horn of Savannah

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Nov 11, 2011
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Surry County, North Carolina
Hi friends,
I just completed this powder horn (#21) which features a map of the Savannah River. (I got the idea after reading about the failed American siege on 1779). I like how this horn finished out; the colors are nice and warm and it has an old-classical look to it.
The horn wears best on the left, so the engraved plaque shows, but it can wear well on the right side as well.
Measures 15" from spout to the rosette-carved Poplar base plug.
I am asking $425 for this horn, which includes fully-insured Priority Mail shipping.
PayPal F&F or Money Order are best.
Thanks for looking!


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Very well done! I think your work gets better and better with each horn.
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