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Making Percussion Caps

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jeff b

32 Cal
Jun 15, 2017
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I like the idea of using roll caps . Could you tell me the procedure use water to remove the dots ?


Jun 17, 2017
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I am interested in rolling my own #11 percussion caps and recently received the tool to do it with.

View attachment 95372

I recently watched a video of a fella making his own percussion caps with roll caps as his ignition source. Although he demonstrated that the homemade percussion cap will fire, he did not actually fire the pistol (a revolver, in this case) loaded.

Has anyone used roll caps as an ignition source and will it actually work.
Hello I have tried it and it works sometimes and sometimes not very unreliable. Go to 22reloader.com and buy their primall powder mix works great only issues are that it is corrosive and it don't stay in the caps good but that can be fixed by either spraying hairspray on them once they dry or when you are mixing them mix a little bit of glue in with the acetone you mix the powder with when it dries it stays in the cap good and they are as reliable as store bought primers and the powder mix is only like 20 dollars for enough to make 2000 primers.


40 Cal
May 12, 2023
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Lose the tan bag and use duco cement in acetone at 10:1 ratio.
Load,tamp then two drops absolutely keeps the charge loaded.
Doubling the can works better than single layer and no where near 2000 caps in the bags.
My experience with the prime all anyways.
100% ignition no fall offs no hang fires and washes clean.
I have a couple thousand Cci magnums and prefer the prime all caps they seem to shoot more consistent groups.

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