SOLD Made in Japan Harpers Ferry Style Flintlock Pistol

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32 Cal.
Dec 15, 2016
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East of the Kaskaskia River in Illinois Country
I have for sale a made in Japan Harpers Ferry style flintlock pistol. One side of the barrel has Ultra Hi and black powder warning, other side 54 cal with Japan. I have not shot this pistol, it does not appear to have been shot as there are no signs of residue in the pan or around the pan.

Condition; Some rust - minor pitting on under rib - see pictures. Wood has some rough spots where it simply wasn't finished well.I believe it would clean up well. Bore looks clean, but almost appears to have straight rifling with some original machining crud throughout. I believe a little sanding to the wood and clean up to the metal it would make a fairly good looking pistol.

Asking $150 plus shipping and insurance of $15. Prefer postal money order, but will accept PayPal plus 3%.

Link to video of it throwing sparks -

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