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SOLD Lyman/Euroarms Project Navy

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70 Cal.
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Apr 12, 2004
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Winchester, VA
A used vintage ASP/Euroarms Colt Navy revolver for your next project. It’s exactly as I received it a few years ago from a friend. As you can see it’s disassembled though he had no idea why nor any recollection of acquiring it.

It has a 1978 date code (AD) and the entwined DGG logo for Grassi, Doninelli, and Gazzola under the barrel for Armi San Paolo which later became Euroarms.

The action is assembled and seems to function OK but there is no hand in it. There is a hand which needs to be installed and an extra trigger loose in the bag too. I’m sure the gun would need a good tune-up after assembly and it also suffers from short arbor syndrome. If you are handy it should make a good shooter.

It is complete with the exception of the wedge retaining screw and I don’t have one that fits. The grips have a couple of very minor dings. The majority of the screw slots have some damage, mostly cosmetic. The frame and to a lesser extent the barrel have scattered surface rust which should clean up with steel wool and 0000 steel wool. The cylinder has some pitting in the areas between the nipples and a couple of other small spots. Couldn’t get a photo. Silver plated backstrap and trigger guard. The bore is very good.

$150 MO or check (may hold till it clears) The price includes priority mail shipping and insurance to the lower 48.

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