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Long shot-1982 stock carver

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Mar 31, 2007
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?Back in 1982 I went to what is Dollywood now, they had a guy there that carved Nome type faces into the stocks on I think TC guns, any one know who that was? Would like to find one of these guns carved by him. Wife as PG with our son, would like to buy and give to him with the story of his mom, she died whin he was 4 1/2.
Sorry, but the only tiny bit of info that I have, that might give someone else a shred more to go on to help you, is that it was then called Silver Dollar City. We moved from that area the last day of the '82 Worlds Fair. Hope you succeed in your quest.
I wish you luck friend. Yours is a noble quest. Hopefully someone here can give you an assist.
@Pee Wee, this might help a little. My wife reminded me that this carved hound came from Silver Dollar City in Tennessee. Onthe bottom are the carver's initials, Might be JAC. IMG_20240615_133331_150.jpg


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