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Here's some photos of cannons in my area, Central Massachusetts:

This one of a pair of Parrot Rifles that over look Route 9, near Route 49, in Spencer, Massachusetts. These are in a road side stop, that if you blink you would miss them. Not to mention, that they are on a slope that is elevated higher than the road.

This trio of Ordnance Rifles ? can be found in Hope Cemetery, in Worcester, Massachusetts.



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Jun 12, 2004
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There used to be a set of 8, I believe they were 16 pound Coehorn mortors on display near the parade grounds at Ft Robinson St Park here in the panhandle of NE. They were in sets of 4 around 2 memorial structures and the trunions were set in concrete caped with 1/2 inch iron strap and then caped with concrete on top of that. Several years ago one was stolen and the rest were removed and put in storage never to be seen again. The lost gun was never recovered either :(

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Jun 1, 2005
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FYI: Sorry to have to inform you that Wayne Stark passed away in August of 2005. I don't know if anyone is continuing with his record keeping.

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