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Lewis Wetzel

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45 Cal.
Sep 15, 2003
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Cleveland, Tennessee
Wetzel must have been quite a guy.
Another about the same time period was Tom Quick. As a teenager Tom saw his father get killed and scalped by Indians. Tom and his brothers escaped across the Delaware River.
He operated in what is now the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The Pocono Mountains, and the Catskill Mountains.
Nov 15, 2022
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Caledon Ontario, Canada
The Woodland Escape is a reenactor‘s You Tube channel whose persona is 1750’s. Patrick and his wife Catherine have built a log cabin, meat cache, cold cellar, wood storage, birch bark canoe and just finished a 1800’s blacksmith shop since I started their weekly posts a couple of years ago. He has let us follow hunts for deer, moose and turkeys. He has shown tanning of deer hides and now a bison hide. He has shown how to make moccasins, hunters shirts, sashes, etc. etc. Amidst all the activity, he cooks meals, has a coffee or brew and tells “a wee bit of history”. His smooth bore trade gun is always close to hand and the priming powder checked frequently. This all takes place in northeastern Ontario. Video quality, sound and editing are great. I highly recommend this channel.