LeMat Parts

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45 Cal.
Sep 5, 2004
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These have been imported since 1985 with a few spare parts available from Dixie Gun Works. the action parts have not been available from any of the distributors and many owners have met with promises but no parts from FAP Pieta.

Some months ago VTI Gunparts agreed to order a fairly comprehensive list of parts for me from Italy. They completed the order and had the parts within two months. -Not bad for a back order as Pietta refused to fill an order I placed through Navy Arms.

VTI is planning to keep LeMat Parts in the United States and make them available on their website.

More recently, I saw that Taylor's lists Lemat Parts on their web page and decided to place an order. I did this on December 5, 2004. By January 9, 2005, the order is still in place and contains the language " Your order is complete.....The parts are being assembled for shipment."
This has been the state of the order for several weeks.

It appears likely that, while Taylor does advertise the parts, they do not keep them in domestic stock and may be negotiating with Pietta to obtain them from Italy.