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SOLD Left hand .28ga/.54cal flint smoothbore/SOLD PENDING

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Mar 21, 2004
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Roseburg, Oregon
I bought this one from a fellow member here and received it in the mail yesterday. Really nice gun that was assembled from a Pecatonica River kit with an L&R lock and a walnut stock, and double set triggers that work set or unset. 28 1/2" barrel and 14 1/2". Took it out today to try it. I bought it even though it is a lefty and i am right handed thinking i could deal with i. I was wrong. It is a real good shooter, with real fast ignition even though the vent hole is a bit far back in the pan. If someone else bought a right hand flint smoothbore because they couldn't find a lefty, and would like to trade shoot me a PM. Would prefer a .24ga or .20ga but another .28 would work. Will include an unbreakable ramrod and most of a bag of over powder wads and a bag of fiber cushion wads, some of which i have lubed. Or i would sell it for what i have in it, $430 + shipping.


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Dec 30, 2004
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New England
Barrel length?

Length of pull?

Both of those details are really needed for lefty's to purchase it.

As for the kit, whomever built left a TON of wood on it, but for the asking price ... that can be corrected, and once done, would make it a svelt shooter for someone. I'm considering it myself, just to add another lefty to the stable/collction.
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ADK Bigfoot

50 Cal.
May 29, 2016
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Lake George, NY
I had requested stock dimensions on this before it closed. I did not receive them. I would like to know the length of Paul, the drop at home and heal, and the overall wait. I am interested, and would appreciate your response.
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