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SOLD Leather flint wallets

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Oct 21, 2012
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Southern Vermont
I have five leather flint wallets I just finished. All leather, saddle stitched. Approx 8x4 opened up and 4x3 folded and wrapped. The loaded one in the front is mine and not for sale, it is distressed goat skin, most of the others are split cowhide. Hold 3 large flints and assorted tools, picks, flint leathers etc. First come, first choice of color.
$25.each shipped, for $10.00 buck more I will load it with 3 English flints of your choice. PayPal F&F or check.


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I only have one left, it’s the light natural one, no stain, just veg tan split cowhide, and a mink oil coating. It should darken with age and use to a nice tan color. I plan to make more when time allows, but with turkey season opening in May, a new flintlock on the way, and garden chores, it may take a while.
If you pm me with your contact info I will get back to you when I have more ready.
Yay! I saw the original post and decided to get the light colored one, and lucky for me it's the one left. I'll take it.

I would like what Track of Wolf calls size ENG-9 flints (which are 1-1/8 x 1-1/4). If not have that size, then I will buy without the flints.
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