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Jun 12, 2020
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It seems to me we can not rely on Television or Movies to faithfully follow the original book or be historically correct .eg: Peter Jackson turned The Hobbit , which was a small book written for children into 3 massive movies which were , In my opinion , were more like science fiction .
If you look closely, you can see that Smaug never primes before he fires...
Aug 22, 2021
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I need to build a copy of Daniel Day Lewis' rifle he used in the movie Last of the Mohicans. I'm stuck on ,what patchbox did it have , a wooden box , or was it metal ? My copy of the movie is not viewable any longer.
According to a guy I bought the precarved stock from , the gun is not really a copy of any known rifle , but it has Lehigh Valleyish , Pa. characteristics.
I've seen the movie a dozen times , but can't remember the patch box type. Anybody remember???


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Nov 25, 2009
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Hello you got this English man interested as I love flint long rifles. I think guns just evolved by small gunsmiths getting British parts from trading posts Then nationality decided design the frontier man wanted a strong rifle not a delicate beautiful on then larger manufactures evolved then we have different people from the old world bring homeland styles with them. Some makers below were into percussion on a flintlock style. So I went through some American Bonhams auction catalogs all I know a frontier man would want a good rifle Films contain so much crap just entertainment The names below don’t even scratch at the surface with mountain men making and forging their guns and parts Remember the USA is a big big country not like little old England. Ha ha. I wish you well

Ps these three are London style made by me

so here we go American gun makers and styled

french chargrilled style. JA- Bedford county. Farmer Bucks county. Pennsylvania. Slotter and co for Robert Liddke &co. Postley Nelson. Benjamin Bigelow. C F Scholl Marysville. Rickets Mansfield Ohio. A Fluhr Sacramento. Adolphus J Plate San Francisco Hillard. George Goulcher. P Gardner. H Goff
Pensilvania contract made. I M Dixon North Carolina. St Louis style. Whitney Arms Company A composite British made
James WLkace Edinburgh. Korb Germany
John Moll Lehigh County. J P Beck.
New England 1790. Henry Kock Pensalvania.
Robert Dutch Burn Virginia Style.
1816 ASA Wartern. Harper’s ferry 1820. 1816 flintlock by Nathan Starr.
MT Wickham 1816 flintlock.
1814 flintlock. Henry Deringer
1817 flintlock R&D Johnson
1815 flintlock Lancaster county
M T Wickham was John Armstrong's first apprentice circa 1798 and went on to work at Harper's Ferry Arsenal. The "1816 flintlock" was a military arm, and not one of Wickham's early personal works.
Apr 22, 2022
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AIken, South Carolina
The rifle was written up in an article in "Muzzleloader Magazine" in 1992 when the movie was made. Maybe the article can be located in a back issue. May/June 1992 can still be purchased on the Muzzleloader web site. (May/June 1992 Muzzleloader Magazine) The rifle is the director Michael Mann's interpretation of a rifle for Hawkeye and is not representative of a rifle of 1757. In Cooper's book, the rifle "Killldeer" came into Hawkeye's possession 20 years previously in the "Deerslayer" so the rifle in the movie "The Last of the Mohicans" is even more out of place. Of course Cooper's description was also not in keeping with such a rifle. I think there were at least two rifles used in the filming.
There is always more than one "rifle" in case something happens to the first one. They need a back up. Most people are " watching the actors" in the movies, not the minute details of the rifle being used, so they wouldn't notice a change.


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Feb 19, 2021
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They look plain and simple, as they should be, so graceful but WOW!!!! Beautiful
Who cares about films anyway. I have seen WW2 rifle props dozens blow moulded and painted I once saw a friends flintlock marked it was at the battle of Quebec , that’s real. I previously posted flint long rifles on the forum. They were real too, Bonhams California auction