FOR SALE Kibler Southern Mtn Rifle .40 Cal Walnut Stock

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Jan 21, 2019
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Northeast PA
This is an awesome and light weight rifle. If you’ve held a Kibler mtn rifle you know just how slim and balanced these rifles are. Being a .40 cal it shoots great. Carries very nicely in the woods as well. I built this last year and have shot it around 20 times or so. In great shape. The wood was finished with laurel mtn forge walnut stain and a few coats of chambers oil. Nice dark reddish brown was the outcome. All metal was cold blued then brought back to a dull gray with abrasive pads. A really nice look. Truly an awesome rifle just looking to downsize the collection a bit. Looking for $1700 plus the shipping to you. PayPal friends or money order works best for me. If I still have the wood box I got it in I will ship it in that. No trades, thanks !