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Kibler SMR

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Ed Pilkington

Horn In The West
MLF Supporter
Jul 4, 2013
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North Carolina
I am absolutely in love with my Kibler SMR .40 Cal. Flintlock.đź’—


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Oct 28, 2021
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Turnersville, TX
After 39 year of being a commercial aircraft mechanic I have but a few short months until I retire. I'm thinking my retirement gift to myself would be a Kibler SMR. I have seen the way cool fancy maple and while they certainly are beautiful, I'm thinking the SMR was a working man's gun. More utilitarian the a fancy show piece, and I'm that kind of guy. So her in lies the question. What wood would (that's a mouth full);) have been used for the working man's gun back in the day?
If you are looking to build a rifle that you are going to hunt or target shoot with, you can't go wrong with the standard grade maple on the SMR. Like you, I like to take my firearms out and shoot them. At 72, I still like to hunt so my muzzle loaders get used. When I finish my SMR it will already looked used. I have accidently put some small dents and scratches on the stock and will not try to fix them. It is going to be used target practicing first then go on a squirrel hunt therefore I will put scratches and dents anyway. The wood on it is nice but it will not have a shiny finish. Using Tried and True Varnish oil gives it more of a satin finish. I don't like shiny. Good luck. I just got off the phone with Jim Kibler. I had a question about fitting the ramrod and he was kind enough to take the call. Great guy and company. I thanked him for the support he gives to his customers.

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