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Oct 16, 2012
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Kibler recommends using Permalyn sealer for the cherry stocks and there was one gentleman who had a rifle for sale that was finished using the Permalyn that looked pretty nice I thought, so you might find his ad in the for sale section and have a look to see if the color suits what you're after. I wanted a little darker finish and went with a lye wash concoction I mixed myself that suited what I was after. Of course, your mileage may vary but it all depends on what you want. A lot of folks just leave a cherry stock unfinished because cherry will naturally darken over time when exposed to sunlight. I would be glad to share my lye recipe if you decide to go that route. I would advise you to ask Kibler to send you a few scrap pieces of cherry with your rifle so you can experiment with different finishes before applying them to your rifle.
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Lye wash Below is the link for the gentleman that used just Permalyn
Thanks ...much appreciated. Great looking rifle