FOR SALE Kibler Colonial Rifle, 50 Cal Round Bottom Rifling, Fancy Curly Ash Stock

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Jan 21, 2019
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Northeast PA
I built this rifle last spring. Took me a while to find a blank to have sent to Jim. If you know about ash then you know it’s getting harder to find considering the emerald ash borer. This is a special piece of wood from about a 150 year old tree. It is flat sawn and really shows off the grain of the ash. Heavy curl in the butt and the forearm. Wooden patch box option and round bottom rifling as well. If you know kibler kits then you know only the best parts are used. They truly are amazing rifles. The stock was stained using aqua fortis, a coat of laurel mtn forge Lancaster maple stain, and two coats of chambers oil. A nice dark brown was the result. All metal brass and steel was cold blue then barely brought back to a nice dark gray color. The brass is dark as well. Gives the gun an overall dark look which is really nice. I have only shot this rifle 3-4 times just don’t get to carry it much. Looking to downsize the collection a bit. Pictures cannot do this rifle justice either. It truly is awesome when you see it. Looking for $2500 plus the shipping. PayPal friends or money orders work best. Cash face to face works as well. No trades please, thanks !


58 Caliber

58 Cal.
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Jan 3, 2012
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Owego, NY
From Jim's website. Stock has a pull of about 13 5/8” and a drop of approximately 2 3/4” and cast off of approximately 3/16"
.50, .54 and 58 caliber, 43.25” custom profiled Rice barrels. Breech 1.125” and waist approximately .800”. A very nice contoured barrel. Comes standard in square bottom rifling. Round bottom rifling available at additional charge


Bob Stager

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Aug 3, 2019
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I know but I had some chest surgeries that didn’t heal right and I have to limit the recoil I can handle. I figured a 180 grain roundball with around 50 grains of ff would be a little better than a 230 rb with 60 grains of ff