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Feb 9, 2005
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Glad you found someone close to help...I am a snob when it comes to flintlocks, I have never owned a production gun, I have 2 customs...One that I bought in 1977, made by Bob Watts and one I made in the late '80s...The Bob Watts gun was a .45 but I rebarreled it to make it a .40 after I made my .54...BTW, look up the book Foxfire 5, it discusses muzzleloaders, you might find it helpful...

One of my hobbies is to give talks to local schools and Boy Scout organizations fortunately I live near Guilford Courthouse, Cowpens and Kings Mountain, where the Revolutionary War was really won...Rifles played an important part in each of these battles...


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Feb 26, 2022
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I did some shooting with SmoothboreMurph on his range and I it was a blast. With his Mortimer Rifle in .54 Caliber it took me 3 shots before I was consistently hitting bullseye at 50 yards but man is it a heavy rifle which is good for target shooting I guess. He then broke out his large Brown Bess Musket and Carbine and they were a blast and a kick to the shoulder though I only hit paper twice with the musket and never with the carbine at 50 yards. He did have a little peep sight he rigged up for a rear sight that helped me make those shots though. I will admit .75 is definitely too big of a caliber for me for round ball shooting and maybe for shot too. Still loads of fun thanks for letting me burn some your precious powder and kill some of you paper @SmoothboreMurph.

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