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Jim Kibler's Woodsrunner Production Rate

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May 11, 2022
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From a recent purchase of a Woodsrunner & examination of every detail, I am amazed at the near perfect detailing. Modern CNC technology along with sophisticated tooling is a modern wonder.
How many complete, boxed & ready to ship Woodsrunners can these guys turn out on a daily basis? How many CNC man hours are required per unit?
Just a note of curiosity & interest.
If my memory is correct I think he said they ship 40-50 kits per week, all models included.
This has nothing to do with straight CNC machines but I come from a automotive manufacturing background. It's mind boggling but we made a truck every 60-63 seconds or about 1100 units a day. This was 2 different models/sizes with many configurations of each running back to back to back to back.

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