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Jan 21, 2006
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I've built 2 Chambers Early Lancaster parts sets and both arrived shortly after the order was placed. There were a couple of mistakes which were repaired and learned a lot and the finished products were very handsome. Shown below is one of the Chambers LRs.....Fred


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Jun 25, 2021
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Some people have the patience of a saint. I unfortunately am not of that tribe. Waiting for a custom gun or my dinner is just too painful. My brother in law was one of those people, he told me he actually enjoyed the wait for things he ordered. That was about the only saintly thing about him God rest his soul.
Feb 28, 2019
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I am not aware of any other hobby where it takes as long to get products as it does with the muzzleloader parts production industry.
I’ll bet if someone ordered a custom-built race car just like the one that won the last Indy 500 it would be finished, shipped, and parked in their garage in less time than it takes to get a finished gun ( or even a complete UNASSEMBLED parts set ) from Chambers or TVM and other suppliers.
And don’t even get me started on The Rifle Shoppe.
These places have multiple employees and stock duplicators, too.
I understand not wanting to have a huge amount of time and money tied up in parts, but most of these places pretty much know how many stocks, barrels, locks and parts, etc. that they are going to sell over the course of a year, especially the more popular items. Maybe they are undercapitalized and operate on shoestring budgets or something.
Looks like they would be concerned over all the business they lose by not keeping anything in stock, causing a lot of potential customers to buy lesser quality factory guns, or used custom ones when they can be found.
Here we go again I've never bought anyones kits But I do know Jim Chambers he's a great fellow full off fun & I got one well . Bought locks but rolled my own guns .I suppose ime saying Pobodies nerfect give the makers a break.
Feb 3, 2022
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In a world of instant gratification,
Spoiled rotten children(all of us)
And technocrappollah!what gets left out? God, Art,and fine things!
A fine flint lock is a piece of art.
And resourcing has not gotten easier and gunmakers get worn out!
(They even die😇)
And for myself,i aint in no hurry.!
Art takes the time it takes .
And when is chicken done?
When its cooked-all the way.😳
If you want it fast order a itl. Ready out the box.And then whine forever how its "not really what i wanted"
Or,.. Learn a little patience!

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