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Nov 11, 2022
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No, but I left room in the carving/inlay to do so if I ever feel like doing it. The .58 is fun to shoot, and sure stirs up the gongs. Loads up to 180grFF, and it's still resonably comfortable to shot; the benefit of a relatively heavy gun. I also opted for a swamped (Kirby??) barrel so it balances beautifully. (that's the rifle in my profile photo btw.) I managed to hit a life-size Mountain goat target at 300 yds with it after taking a few 'ranging' shots that were spotted for me. (couldn't do it twice in a row though, so probably as much luck as skill). After doing a number of custom rifles, I have decided it is worth the extra$$ to go for the absolute best options you can afford in wood, barrel, and hardware. Have fun with it! I'm glad you have had a good experience with Pecatonica; they seem to be great people, and I never feel shy about reccommending them.
Thanks, I’m thinking .54 cal. May try an inlay if I find my skills have met the challenge!😃

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