Info requested on 16 gauge Barrel and Components

Discussion in 'Smoothbore' started by Artificer, May 22, 2019.

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    Folks, I’ve been interested in having a British P 1756 Carbine for many years, since I first learned they were used by the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, “The Black Watch,” in the FIW. The closest thing to that available for some time was the North Star West Officers Fusil, but since that company quit business, I missed the boat on that one. However, now it looks like I will be able to afford having one built for me and that leads to the following questions.

    First of course I’m looking for the barrel that needs to be 37 inches long and a basic military slightly tapered round shape throughout, so it can take a bayonet. The original caliber of the P 1756 Carbine was .66 caliber, but I’m thinking with the variations in the period, that a modern 16 gauge barrel would fit into period dimensions or close enough to that caliber? So is there a barrel maker that makes this kind of barrel in 16 gauge? If so, that leads to more questions.

    It has been 39 years since I shot my old Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine with cards and cushion wads. I was relieved back then that 11 gauge cards and wads fit that bore perfectly, so I did not have to worry about making my own cards and wads. I’m hoping by buying a 16 gauge barrel, that the same thing will be true for this Carbine? Of course if I have to do it, I can make a card/wad punch to fit the bore, but I would rather buy them already made.

    I will probably shoot the Carbine more with round ball than shot, as the information Spence10 has provided on using a cushion wad for better accuracy with a round ball has really intrigued me and I would very much like to try that out with this proposed Carbine. Of course when I would like to shoot the Carbine with shot, being able to buy these components ready-made would be a real plus for me.

    Now I don’t know if this is a pipe dream or something that is possible, even if the barrel has to be custom made? Any information anyone might have on these questions would be very much appreciated.


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