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Indinan Trade Gun Nosecap

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Dec 7, 2019
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I was trying not to be the one that converted this thread into a 16 page (+/-) discussion on the distinctions between 'trade'' 'Indian trade' and 'North West trade' as I had just learned from the previous post that there were such distinctions. :ghostly:

I am still new to this forum, and have not yet found the thread discussing the useage of the 'Indian' moniker to describe the original inhabitants of the North American Continent vs the citizens of, or products produced in, a certain Asian region of the world that is located near to Pakistan. But I suspect there is one to be found here somewhere.
Spaniards, Mexicans, themselves (many could only afford cheap products), other imperialist colonials, run-away slaves, “freemen” former slaves, Caribes, Tainos, etc.
Sep 16, 2019
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I believe that the French were the first to begin trading this particular style gun to our native peoples in North America. (the Dutch were trading a somewhat different style of gun in upstate New Amsterdam). The inland natives became so confident in the French designed gun that the British decided to adapt it into their own style of trade gun. This combination yielded some improvements in the stock, yet retained such essentials as the smaller bore size and lightweight stock. The northern peoples were very fond of the serpent side-plate, and often the sitting fox stamped onto the lockplate. The full nosecap would be generally uncommon but might have been used after the 1720's. I believe anything that increased material costs was minimized. There were sometimes brass strips mounted near the end of the fore-stock, as already mentioned.
May 6, 2013
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Hello all:
Merry Christmas To All.

I am in the process of building a Pedersoli Indian Trade Gun. I am wondering if anyone has built any kind of trade gun, and installed a nose cap on thiers,?? I know they didnt have them, but was thinking of installing one, on my build.
Has anyone seen pics, or any documentation on a nose cap, on a trade gun,??? Your thoughts on the idea,???.
Nose cap would look weird but a band looks good and is authentic ....many trade guns had them


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