Increase Claflin (1795 - 1868)

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Austin Pagels

Jul 12, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am a Family Historian who has studied military personnel and war strategies for quite some time now, but just one of my ancestors has stumped me since I was a young child, his name is Increase Claflin, supposedly, he enlisted at aged 16 and served through the duration of the War of 1812, and was then discharged, it would make sense as he was of a believable age, b. 1795, and lived in New York, which raised quite a decent amount of troops for the war effort. Increase has many difficulties in researching, as I can find no records of service during this time, but his name also has many spelling errors in different records. After the war he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and then to New Orleans, where I can find an enlistment for his service as a Steward in the US Army, and after his three-year-service ended in 1822, he and his wife, Mary, moved to Kaukauna, Wisconsin, where he was a fur trader, and then to Green Bay, where he was an Indian trader. He even bought one of the first land tracts in Green Bay, but never used it, instead he moved his entire family to Door County, and became the first permanent Caucasian settler of the very tourist attracted area it is today. Increase passed away in March of 1868 at his cabin in Fish Creek, WI and was an illustrious horse-breeder and farmer of the area. The main concern of mine is War of 1812 records, his brother, Cornelius, has a record of service, but not Increase, it is confusing to me if he ever even served. The historian of the area, Hjalmar Holand, even said he served in his book about Door County.

All I am in search for are some plausible answers and maybe even records if they can be found. I don’t have many reliable resources and am pretty busy and would assume their are better researchers then me on this forum.

I am gonna attach some pictures for all of you.


Thanks All,

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