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Mr. 16 gauge

32 Cal
Dec 1, 2021
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Hello all;
I just "refound" the site................been gone for a while (not sure exactly why; lots of things have happened over the past several years). My previous handle was similar to the one I am using now, but I couldn't figure out what my old password was, and have a new email address, so I "reupped" with a different name.
Enjoy the history of BP firearms and enjoy hunting with same; I don't "dress the part" when it comes to hunting.......I like my gor-tex and rubber boots too much.;) I do make some of my own accoutraments, though, such as gun sleeves, moccasins, knife sheaths, bullet bags, etc.
Started hunting birds/small game a few years ago with a 10 gauge Pedersoli SxS percussion shotgun.

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