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I used 3f today.

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I fired six shots and got five head of game.
Using a 12g I just loaded an ounce of mixed shot, shot I salvaged from old rotten cartridges someone gave me.
My usual method of thin cards and a blob of lube between them.
Using just 50gn of SNIA black silver from Italy the gun was going off like a fire cracker.
The ground is soaked, floods and running water everywhere after days of heavy rain. It was still raining when I went out but I'd had enough of looking out of the window!
The first bird was a runner but Jess soon had it pinned down.
Not a glorious photo, everything got wet during its containment!
View attachment 281874
Next I flushed a woodcock, I wanted one to go with one already at home. Now I can make a little meatloaf.
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Then a little later after covering some ground Jess found some hen pheasants that made excellent birds but I'm not shooting them, they lay eggs!
I shot at a squirrel but it got away completely unscathed!
I worked some thick cover and a pheasant had let me walk past it but Jess got wind of it and pushed it up behind me.
Now it was only a 25yard shot but I had to swivel around and it was a big powerful bird doings it's best to resemble a ground to air missile!
The gun sounded like a fire cracker and the bird was dead in the air and promptly fell in a blackthorn thicket!
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Jess got a downed squirrel that was still very much alive and silly soft mouthed Jess got bitten again!
View attachment 281878
She loves squirrel hunting.
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