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I unloaded my GPR

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Nov 4, 2023
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Had this loaded and in the gun room since before Thanksgiving. Decided to make it safe by firing today. Here is what you normally don’t see in a blink of an eye.


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More powder!🤣😁👍
I am a new BP shooter. The charge was 70grs of 3f behind a .54cal Hornady rb. Guessing the shorter barrel attributes to the muzzle blast?

Then again, most of this isn't seen by the human eye in real time it's not till you slow things down that you see what is actually happening.
I am a newbie black powder shooter. I had a live cap on the nipple that I couldn't get off and it just bugged me having it in that condition. I'll be hunting with it in a couple of weeks when ML season starts here.
I get caps stuck on the nipple from time to time.
I just use a small pocket knife to "peel" them off.

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