I initiated my cousins to blackpowder at the range- Had a great time

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Sep 9, 2022
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Raleigh, North Carolina
A few months back, my cousins and I had one of our recurring range days at a friend’s private land. We decided to do a BP/ML day. The both of them had never done anything with BP before so it was extra fun and educational. Three repro Hawken style rifles (two .50 and one .45) and two repro 1851 Navy .36 revolvers. I had prepped plenty of cotton/linen patches of correct size for the rifles and had a possibles bag for each of us. It was a great day. They learned how much fun you can have shooting targets, water jugs, even a dueling tree (with the revolvers) without spreading empty brass all over the ground to be collected before we leave.

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