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Mar 21, 2021
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S.E. Missouri
Well I was waiting for a prescription after eye surgery and just down the street is a pretty good LGS which does a better than fair job stocking reloading supplies as well as muzzle loading "stuff"
The lady that runs it who I think is now disabled is a decent person and always has a smile ..
So I went in to buy some musket caps and they had 100 pak Schutzen for $12.99
Then the young n lazy clerk turned to the shelf and said Oh there is these ..a 200 count plastic "tin" $9.95
So I went up to the friendly lady and asked if she would check this price which was as the clerk stated
I said I love bargains and asked if they had more ..she came out of their stock room carrying a carton of five tins totaling 1000 plus the ones in my hand ..I will sell you these for $9.95 ..I might have sprained my wrist slapping for my money clip!
After I paid she looked me in the eye and said now tell me what they should be selling for ..I swallowed hard as a lot of thoughts went through mind ..one of them to reasonably keep my LGS healthy ...So I said not really a fair price .. but market seems to be less than $10/100.. I told her currently most buyers would not call you a rice gouger at $8.99
So call me a sucker but keeping local businesses thriving is important ..being honest if someone or someone's employee has erred in pricing as I honestly thought someone dropped a "1" as in $19.95
Instead it turns out it was several cases of newly found old stock which I believe because they had not had a cap of any kind for several months


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