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Dec 26, 2019
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Howdy, from the mountains of Idaho.

I am a young lad, who was raised by a old tough mountain man who breathed black-powder smoke. The first gun my father let me shoot was a kid-sized.45 Hawken style rifle he put together. I spent many hours chasing squirrels with traditional muzzleloaders, particularly a flintlock double barrel shotgun from my fathers collection. After growing up on muzzleloaders as a kid, I have spent several years shooting and hunting with more modern weapons.
Then about a year ago I got the muzzleloader bug again, and its really hit me hard. From one muzzleloader to seven. I have a hard time even looking at smokeless powder cartridge guns much, any more.
A couple weeks ago I took a 5x5 bull Elk in the Pioneer Mtns. of central Idaho, using a Traditions Hawken Kit rifle. The projectile a .50 cal patched roundball with 90grns. FFFg.

Thanks all, and look forward to learning and talking muzzleloaders.