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Im always curious about the average age here.

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Apr 9, 2012
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72 years old. Started shooting 22s at 9 years old. I was on the 4-H shooting team for a few years. Joined the Army in 1970 and qualified with the M-16, M-60 out of a helicopter and got to shoot an M79 and a 105 howitzer. After Vietnam, I didn't shoot guns for a while. It wasn't until about 1983 that I got serious about hunting and fishing again. Bought a CVA Hawken but I couldn't get it to shoot right. Sold it and bought a TC Hawken kit in 45 cal. I got good with the TC and liked it. Had to sell it and a few others down the road to finance a Shiloh Sharps. After that I bought a bunch of different rifles. Most are cartridge replicas along with 2 more Shilohs and a bunch of Ubertis. The last few years the addiction came back and I now have several percussion and flintlocks. My favorite is the Kibler SMR I built. Nuff said.
Thanks for your service. 🦨 Polecat
Jan 22, 2023
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43. I've been trying traditional muzzleloading since after this Christmas. I've been hunting since I was 13 and reloading for my "brass suppository rifles" since then of which I have a nice collection. I didn't even own a muzzleloader until 5 years ago. Maryland started a primitive season last year, so here goes. I'm absolutely loving it! I have 4 little kids and I'll get them going on bp first after the Red Ryder and 22s!


36 Cl.
Jan 4, 2022
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70 for me. --- I fired my first shot at age 5. I did not get into muzzleloaders until I was 25.
I'm 83 and still marching on! Back in about 1947 or so it all started with my new Daisy model 25 BB gun and has grown since into about all kinds of firearms, however now I've slipped back into shoot mostly higher end air guns but still buying cap and ball revolvers and might actually shoot one day,:)
Aug 23, 2014
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Oxford, United Kingdom
68, been shooting more or less since I was 17 with a brief respite after the (unmentionable) pistol ban here in the UK.
Most of those years have been Black Powder with a bit of Service Rifle thrown in. I intend to shoot for a good few more years God (and eye-sight) willing!


32 Cal.
Feb 5, 2013
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51 years old. Been hunting and shooting BP since I was 12. This thread makes me feel young. No offense. It's what I see at shoots though. There is a fair amount of guys around my age that shoot quite alot. Before long we will be the old guys. I have heard it said though that muzzleloading is something you get into when you're done with thother stuff.