how do i send a private message?

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Support' started by MSW, May 17, 2019.

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    you see, there are dumb questions...

    having admitted my ignorance, i'm sure that there's a button that i'm not seeing. what do I do?


    sign me I.R.A. Dummy
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    There are several ways to send a private message on the forum.

    First, a PM is now called a "Conversation". It's the same thing with a different name.

    To get to your PM's (that's easier to spell than conversation), look up in the upper right hand corner of the screen. See that little envelope? That is how you get into your PM's. If you hold your cursor over the envelope a little window will open showing you any PM's you have received. At the bottom of it is a "show all". If you click on it, it will open a big window showing you all of your PM's.

    You will also see a "Start a new conversation" icon that you can select. If you do, it will open a window where you can type the persons name, the title of the PM and write your message. If you know the starting letters in the name you want to send it to, start putting them into the box where the persons name will go.
    The computer will pop up a box that shows possible members that you might want to send the message to. If you see your guy/gal, click on it to enter it.
    Don't forget to put in the title of the message.

    Another way to start a PM if you already have a screen showing with lots of replies to a topic is to move your cursor over the place where the persons picture is or if he/she doesn't have a picture, just hold it over the place where a picture would be. Then, click on the image.
    That will open a little black box with several things you can select. One of them is, "Start a conversation." (Plus Ignore, Profile page, Follow and Gift).
    If you select the Start a Conversation the screen to enter your PM's Title and a place to write your message will appear. The persons name will already be filled in.

    Don't forget to actually send your message. Sometimes it's easy to write a message and then to forget to send it before leaving the window.

    If you open your Conversations by using the envelope and you don't see any messages, read on.

    In order to see any PM's you might have received your personal settings will have to have the right boxes clicked.
    To do this, hold your cursor over the little "man" shaped icon next to the envelope. Select "Contact Details".
    In the Contact Details look for the "Message Preferences".

    Make sure the box next to "Accept Conversations from..." is checked and the box says "Members Only". Do not use the "People you follow" selection if you want to see messages from all of the members or if you don't have any selected group you are following.

    Have fun. :)
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