How do I delete conversation?

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Oct 4, 2003
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I don't think you can actually delete the PM's data but in order to remove a Conversation from your list, go to your list and open the message.

After it is open look at the orange tab that's over towards the right side of the screen. In it you will see an option to "Leave". Select it.

That will open a window that gives you the option to "Accept future messages" or "Ignore future messages". The "Accept future messages" will have a check mark in it.

If you select the orange "Leave" button at the bottom, the PM will be removed from your list but, if the other person(s) send you another message, it will pop back up in your PM index for you to read.

If you change the check mark from "Accept future messages" to "Ignore future messages", you will never see it again, even if the other person sends you another message.

Note: Removing a PM from your list doesn't stop the other person from creating another message to you so if they do that, you will get the new message.

I hope this answered your question. :)

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