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Hornady balls, one dollar per 100 ??

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32 Cal
Dec 2, 2022
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Good morning,

I don’t get out that much anymore so as I was going to be going right past the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Phoenix, I made it a point to stop in and check out the BP stuff. They didn’t have any caps but as I was looking at the Hornady round balls I noticed two boxes of 32 cals balls with red price tags on them for 97 cents each. Normally the prices for the balls are on the front edge of the shelving that the balls are on; these were the only two boxes that had an individual price sticker on them. Since there was a big “CLEARANCE” banner across the store entrance I figured maybe they were part of that. But clearance on a popular Hornady product? And 97 cents? So I asked the guy behind the gun counter and he checked it on the computer. He said that’s what the computer shows, so that’s the price. He was very pleasant about it; one of the reasons I try to shop there exclusively. So, I got 200 32 cal balls for 2 bucks. I hate to waste them so maybe I’ll be forced to obtain a 32 cal rifle.

Stay safe, have fun!

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