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Sep 27, 2020
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I just picked up another percussion rifle. Hopkins & Allen .45 cal. Everything appears to be functioning properly. I'm guessing the ramrod is a replacement, it's about an inch short. The stock is in good condition, the bore is pretty clean with sharp rifling. It doesn't look like it's seen a lot of use. SN J 51XX

I was looking for any information I could get. Age? Value?

Thanks for any info you can offer. na1.jpg ha2.jpg IMG_8357.JPG
Aug 21, 2008
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I assembled several of their kits in the early seventies. The kits were rougher than the early CVA's. I assembled one for a man I worked with and he was supposed to pay for it with some oak lumber since he was timbering out his woods and I needed a new shop floor. After a year he brought it to me with a "stuck" load to fix. I fixed it and told him he could pick it up when he brought the lumber!. I have used it to get many deer since then!.As to price I paid sixty nine dollars for the kits back then so do the math for inflation since the early seventies.


May 7, 2009
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New England
Well over 50 years ago I ordered a H&A flintlock "Minuteman" .45 rifle and it looked nothing like the one you posted. I'd suspect that at some point they turned to importing Spanish made rifles with their name put on them.

The one I bought had a patchbox and nice stock (one piece as well) and the the rifle was very well made and attractive. It shot well, sparked well and was delightful for what it was. The barrel was a straight one which made the rifle a bit nose heavy - which was of no concern to me. I regret selling it to this day. I also got a .45 Heritage Model underhammer from Numrich Arms a few years before I bought the MM and still have it.