Hold The High Ground

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Jan 6, 2021
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I tried a new tactic for hunting quail without a dog. I hunted in a swathing pattern. It worked well because I flushed a covey of about fifteen birds walking next to an isolated hill in the valley I hunt. They all went right over the top of the hill and put 30 yards of dirt between me and them. Not to be outsmarted. I walked around the hill expecting them to be down from the hillside milling around in the tall grass of the valley. When I got to the place on the other side where they had flushed to, they were still up on the military crest of the hill and promptly flushed to the wrong side of the hill again that I wasn’t on. Well I guess I just have to drag my fat butt up to the top of the hill and gain the high ground against these smart birds. It turned out to be very effective because having the high ground, when they did flush they flushed much less in a group which allowed me to get some good opportunities for singles in the valley and best of all, no hills for the birds to take cover.