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. . . few trains had as many firearms as men, and some of the firearms were no good,
one train of 30 wagons and three ambulances had 39 men along, 24 Spencer carbines and seven Springfield muskets with plenty of ammunition , 1300 rounds , but none of this was for the springfields and five of the guns were listed as unserviceable . . .

. . . desiccated vegetables were available,
dried and compressed into a very solid cake, these were the only vegetables provided to the army on the plains, desiccated vegetables consisting of onions, cabbage, beets, turnips , carrots and peppers steamed pressed and dried in cakes 12-in square and an inch thick, the cakes came sealed in tin cans and weighed about the same as a block of wood of the same size .
men out on scout carried chunks of this stuff and nibbled it as they traveled, when frances grumman first tried to make soup the solid vegetables swelled and swelled , frantically she kept labeling them out until all her cooking pots were full . . .


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. . . x beidler and some of his friends marked Independence Day by putting up a pole to fly the United States flag, during the night secesh men cut the pole into pieces, x beidler and his friends raised a taller pole and put up a flag, but that night the secesh poured kerosene against the wood and set it on fire . . .

. . . among the passengers were judge h.f hosmer, Chief Justice of Montana territory, and his family, going home for a visit.
they had come out the year before , 2 years after the Mackinac trip .
judge hosmer's son Allen published a book about it, ' a trip to the states' in Virginia City, only three copies of this little book are known to exist . . .

the bloody bozeman
Some years ago, I really don't remember when it may have been 10 or 15 years.
It was in an old true West or wild west or frontier times, possibly from the 1960s,
I've been looking through all my boxes of things trying to find it,
a story about kit Carson, I think it was from a man who interviewed his brother or someone's brother who said that kit Carson was the weakest link in the chain of the expedition, he couldn't shoot couldn't ride couldn't do anything, but he , kit carson told the story , to a newspaper reporter or some journalists, as though he was the hero of the whole expedition and told of other people's actions and exploits as though they were his own, an from then on he was the subject of newspaper articles and dime novels as a hero