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Hello to all from Tucson, Arizona

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Nov 16, 2022
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Tucson, Arizona
I recently sold a T/C Renegade with a .45 and .50 Cal. barrel that I had for 46 years. One week after the sale, a young lady shot her first Coues Whitetail Deer with the .45. I have a .50 Cal. Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken that I absolutely love the way it shoots. It's still a virgin, because I haven't taken a deer or elk with it yet. I have 5 record book entries in the Longhunter Society Record book in the typical and non-typical Coues Whitetail Deer categories. I also have several entries in the Elk categories. I'm glad I found this site only to be able to relate with fellow enthusiasts who enjoy shooting and hunting with muzzleloaders. Looking forward to making and meeting new friends and exchanging ideas.

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