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Hello, new guy from Ohio.

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Feb 2, 2019
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Northwest Ohio
Hello everyone. My name is Kyle and I'm from North Central Ohio. I've been shooting for about 20 years, since I was 10 years old or so. My first gun was a .54 caliber CVA Bobcat that my dad bought me from Bass Pro for my 12th birthday. That was the gun I learned muzzleloading and bullet casting with. I'm a habitual trader and have been through all kinds of firearms since but I'm starting to get back into the BP and muzzleloader scene as I was starting to miss it. I still have the Bobcat along with a .50 caliber CVA Optima V2, a .75 caliber matchlock musket, and 3 cap and ball revolvers. A Pietta 1851 Navy, Pietta 1851 Navy engraved .44 I know it's not period correct but it's still fun, and a Uberti Remington New Model Army with the case hardened frame. I haven't shot any of the revolvers in the past couple of years but I've been getting myself motivated these last few days and I think I'll take both .44's out today. I also shoot BP in my .45-70 Sharps, and .45 Colt, but those aren't muzzleloaders so they don't really count. Anyway I found the forum through a google seach and thought I'd join. I hope to learn some and be able to contribute from time to time.
Welcome from rural NW Ohio!