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Sep 14, 2022
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Taft, California
My name is Mark, my friends call me Gunner, feel free to use either. Ive been a shooter and competitor for 55 yrs, Rifle/Pistol/Archery and of course.... a fair amount of black powder shooting. For the past 27 yrs, Ive been a machine tool repair technician, running my own company for the last 22 yrs.
Some of my hobbies are: dabbling with restoring old guns of all types, restoring trailer sailboats, restoring old motorcycles, doing dog rescue/fostering with my wife of 48 yrs.
I have a decent enough home machine shop, along with a reasonably equipped welding shop. I just turned 69 yrs old, and am trying desperately to retire, though my clients are not cooperating and they keep calling me for service. Dang it.
I have a reasonably decent collection of all manner of firearms, every one of them are shooters. No safe queens. My bullet mold collecton numbers over 58 different molds, from .257-69 calibers. I handload 67 different cartridges.
If anyone needs machine tools, parts, cutters, tooling and whatnot.. if I dont have them, I can probably direct you to sources. Ive built probably 20 rifles, a few pistols and of course.. some of them were black powder firearms.
Its good to be here, Ive found the vast majority the people here are smart experienced guys and reading posts from here has already taught me a few tricks.