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Oct 31, 2014
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Beautiful Buck. Very happy for your success.
Nearly 30 years ago I was in NH adding a room to an in-law's house. We had a day or two to spare and I was asked what I would like to do. "Take a tour of the T/C Factory was my reply. The lady on the phone said they weren't giving tours, but because I had so much praise for the Renegade and Cherokee I had (still have), and the Hawkin of my Dad's, she said to come on over and they would be sure my family and I would have someone to take us through the plant. That was the highlight of my time in the Northeast. Sad to hear when the fire took out so much of what we saw that day. Sadder still when they sold out to S&W. Those years prior were the pinnacle of traditional muzzleloading, as I knew it. Yes, they are factory guns, but there was much pleasure derived from owning, shooting and hunting with them, then and now. I've dropped a number of bucks, and even more does with a sturdy Renegade. Looks like I a in good company.

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