Has anyone ever heard of or bought from piratefashions.com

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Jul 23, 2018
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If you want Pirate Pistols or Muskets, for whatever reason Pedersoli makes like 20 different models of French , Spanish and Prussian military flintlock smoothbore pistols and muskets........I'm pretty sure a French military flintlock pistol or Spanish musket from the 1720s would be pretty correct for anyone looking for "Pirate Guns"

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Mar 20, 2019
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Coming from the pirate groups myself, I know Tiger Lee personally; he is a good fine blaggard and I had some good times with him before he moved back east. He is a right fine photographer as well. I have Nothing ill to speak of a fine gentleman.

With that said, as pointed out he does cater to the Hollywood group and not to historical re-enacting. I do not know his gunsmiths but myself did purchase their Dutch Blunderbuss. It has been functioning just fine, and yes, it is India made and they do aquire the 'kits' from Loyalist Arms in Canada; also some Wonderful folk. I also have an early Navel Issue Musket (sorry, on the road at the moment) which i purchased direct from Loyalist, also India made.

As for "Proofing"; they only mean that it has 'been fired' then visually inspected for leaks and swelling - NOT Proofed as in a real proofing house as mentioned earlier - - Word Of Advise; when purchasing such firearms Do You Own 'Proofing' before going to the range - your Life is in your Own Hands and these are Not Pedersoli or Layman quality firearms!!!!

In my experience; Tiger Lee 'proofed' my Blunderbuss, my Musket was sent Un-proofed and I used Loyalist's method of: 1 ball, Double the recommended charge, and a 7sec fuse.
(Instructions on the Loyalist site and I posted a video on FB which I think they also linked to).

NEVER push these India firearms, personally I only use the for 'fun target shoots' with light loads and WATCH the seams after every outing.

For real shooting and hunting, personally I will stick with my Pedersoli rife and pistol - but still; neither is "perfectly" historically correct like a true custom built.

(Edited above after re-watching my video: 'proof' with Double the charge)
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