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Aug 18, 2012
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Greetings from South Texas. One of me great-great grand-da’s was a Thornton from Killarney, and I visited there myself some years ago. T’was apringtime and green and lovely. I was lucky enough to have a local colleague offer to show me around, and we visited Blarney Castle, several other castles, and The Rock Of Cashel, Shannon and Galway Bay and The Cliffs of Mohr and the Burren, and more Round Towers than I can recall, and enjoyed Guinness stout and Harp and Dr. Jameson’s Miracle Nerve Tonic in a number of pubs. Stopped at Dirty Nelly’s for a wee glass, as I recall. Almost ran over a parish Priest as I drove from Shannon east through the Burren. He was pushing his bicycle up the other side of a little hill as we came over the crest. He jumped out of the way and then made a very un-priestly gesture that I saw in my rear view mirror. It was a great trip altogether. What part of the land do you call home?
Jun 12, 2005
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welcome from SouthEastern Vermont. I'm mostly Irish, but some Scot and a bit of Wales is in there, too. I'm pretty sure my Mom's people were from around Derry.
i like flintlocks and Bushmills (but not at the same time, of course)