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SOLD - Pending funds Gorgeous Wes Noyes Fullstock .54 Plains Style Rifle

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Aug 25, 2007
Reaction score
Reduced This handsome rifle was built by respected gunsmith Wes Noye of Pennsylvania, and is so marked on the top of the breech. The 36" x 15/16", .54 Green Mountain barrel retains about 99% maker brown finish and a bright shiny bore. Twist is 1:66. I believe it is unfired. The balance of metal surfaces retains closer to 90-93% thinning maker brown finish toning to spots of a gray-brown patina along with scattered spots of light oxidation. The Tiger Maple fullstock with left side cheekpiece rates excellent with lovely grain figure throughout. It has both incised and relief-carved floral embellishments on the left side of the buttstock, and behind the upper tang and tailpipe. There is a cheekpiece medallion stamped with a folksy Federal Eagle. The rifle features double set triggers, a right side Pineapple patchbox, a brass blade front sight,. LOP is 13 9/16. Has adjustable white-outline square notch rear, and a hardwood ramrod is included. The action is strong and crisp. Weighsabout8.4 lbs. A nice example of Mr. Noye’s work. $1400 + Shipping.
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