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Good Traders

Muzzleloading Forum

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Here are members of this forum with which I have had successful and positive transactions (buying, selling, or trading):

(In no particular order)
Davey Boy
ADK Bigfoot
Stony Broke
nit wit

If I have left anybody out, my apologies. The omission was not on purpose.


Only had two so far, but both went far beyond expectations to help me.

Tree Man - .575 sizing die got here rapido, enclosed three of his minies to try.

Phil Coffins - Gunsmithed my .31 basket case revolver sent in pieces the same day he got it, shipped back to me the next morning. Thanks to him, my grand daughter will be able to shoot a black powder pistol that fits her. Outstanding individual.
I've only bought from the classifieds here three times that I remember. All three transactions went very well. These were with


All three of these gentlemen treated me very well. Products were as described, payment went smoothly, shipping was very fast, and everything was securely padded and packaged. I would recommend all three with no hesitation.

Notchy Bob
In no particular order...

Two Feathers
Justin 44

...and I'll add Bill Raby. I bought a rifle from him on a different venue, but the transaction was perfect. I know he's a member here so I added him.
...and apologies to fcderosa that I omitted from my post.
Too many to mention individually, really.
It would be rude to forget someone.
Besides, some of the good ones have left the forum, Some of the good ones have died, other's have simply moved on to different parts of their life.
Making a "Good" list, indicates that there's a "bad" list too.
That's something I wouldn't want to participate in.
I've had both here, "Good", and some that I would only say as poorly rated.
Each and all of my transactions here are noted by the character of man I have dealt with,, the ease of transaction,, along with consideration of circumstances beyond either's control, and each of them personally knows how my dealings with them have been.

Woody Morgan;
I'm sure you've had good intentions here in this topic, but I honestly don't think the end result will benefit the members of the forum.
Nuff said. John T
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