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I just was on Gunbroker's website and there was a listing for a Pair of 18th Century Reproduction Bronze Mortars. Nice Rev War pieces, complete with "GR" royal cypher and all the gear.

But here's the chuckle! The seller has listed them as Not C&R eligible. Must ship to 01 FFL!

I sent him an email telling him that no ffl is needed to own, in fact no license or permit is need to own these, even here in the police state of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Only need state certification and permits to discharge/fire said pieces.

I hope that these find a good home and don't end up with someone trying to pass them off as the real thing.

Cpt Ed

32 Cal.
Jun 1, 2005
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Hello CP,

I noticed the same listing some time ago and also sent him an email about the FFL requirement.

Here is his reply to my email:

“You're probably right about not needing an 01 FFL for them but I like to cover my butt just in case. Shipping could be costly because they are heavy”.

PS: I to hope they find a good home for I think they are both worth the price. I just am not a Mortar person and my main interest is American Civil War Field Artillery. I also feel the cost of shipping for that heavy weight would be expensive and if they aren’t properly packaged they would arrived damaged.

But I do like the bronze and cast GR as well as the accessory box of stuff. :)

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