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Glad I left it in the white

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Aug 10, 2021
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Johnston County, NC
Really happy a poster recommended to leave my Pedersoli flintlock pistol kit in the white as it’s finally starting to develop a nice grey natural patina. I normally prefer the aged plum rust brown of old antique guns but “in the white” really has grown on me. Upkeep hasn’t been much of an issue. I handle it purposely quite often to impart hand oils, sweat, etc and after a couple days wipe down with Barricade. Haven’t shot it much since we lost our club range site but the new site is almost completed and I can’t wait to make some smoke with it. Once shooting again I’ll wipe down with some used cleaning patches, which someone recommended, to help speed things along.


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54 Cal.
Sep 15, 2020
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IMO there's nothing like a gunmetal finish that occurs naturally - I've always let the brass furniture on my rifles age likewise.


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