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May 21, 2021
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Just a heads up fellas. The Georgia State Muzzle Loading Match is this coming Friday thru Sunday at the Brushy Creek Range in Lenox Ga. Sept. 23-25. Camping on site and plenty of nearby motels. There will be meals sold on site, vendors and traders also.
Would love to go! I’m stuck at home with Covid! Shoot straight y’all!
Sep 16, 2021
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Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. This month we will be starting the season off with a Woods walk Match. So, if you joined us last month, you can try to improve your score. This will be the full course, so 15-20 shots. You will be able to use any support within ram rods length of the stake.

Come out and support the club and bring a new shooter with you. SUNDAY, Jan. 22, at 1:30 pm, $15 range fee, and Blanket prize worth approximately $10, so everyone will be a winner.

Notice that I have the new match schedule below. Some of the dates are on the third Saturday, some are on the Sunday following the third Saturday, and some are on other Saturdays of the month due to range conflicts.

Stay Safe,
JimBob Hartlage

Blue Ridge Mountain Men

"Where You Can Get Your Black Powder Fix"

Red Hill Range Martin, Ga

Blue Ridge Mountain Men Shooting Dates for 2023

Jan.22 Sunday

Woods Walk - Blanket Prize – 15.00 range fee

Feb19 Sunday

Team Match 25 and 50yd – Director Choice Targets, 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.
March 11

Long Range, Stake Match, hawk and knife Throw, 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.
April 15

Novelty, Nightmare $15.00 range fee, $10 Club Fee.

May 13

Steel Silhouette Match. 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.

June 17

Bench Rest Match. Bench or Cross Sticks, sitting or standing. String Measure. 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.

July 15

50th Anniversary month shoot. Animal targets. All shot Off hand. 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.
August 19

25 yard Pistol match. 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.
September 23

Primitive Day – Woods Walk, hawk/knife, fire starting, novelty, ect. 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.

October 14

Smooth Bore Match. 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.

Nov19 Sunday

Dec17 Sunday
Bulls Eye Match 15.00 range fee, 10.00 match fee.

Woods Walk - Blanket Prize – 15.00 range fee


40 Cal.
May 9, 2005
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Columbus, Georgia
Hello I'm a new premium member and was wondering if there were any others in my area, central Georgia, Milledgeville area?
Columbus, GA, Here. I shoot at the Muscogee Longrifles Club just up the road in Harris County. It's only 12 miles from my house. I have been shootin' there for about 25 years and could not be happier. I enjoy "dressing out" and shootin' military muskets/rifles.

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